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Breakkie at Wrapp’s

Last Friday was the beginning of a series of breakfast events that are going to be held on a monthly basis at Wrapp’s office in the heart of Stockholm.

This time, invitations were sent to retailers that are already part of the Wrapp ecosystem. However, the next events will also see prospects that want to learn more on the potential of Transaction Driven Marketing and Wrapp’s data-analytics.

Pic-1-compressor(2)The breakfast started with a lovely mingle in Wrapp’s kitchen space which saw present representatives from Phils Burger, J. Lindeberg, Espresso House, PR Byrå, Rapunzel Hair and Taco Bar.

After being energized with some coffee and fresh breakfast food, the guests were invited to assist a presentation by Aage Reerslev, Wrapp’s founder, and Therese Lundquist, head of marketing, on how Wrapp’s data-driven technology works and how it can support ongoing marketing efforts to drive sales. Then, Miki Sulander, Wrapp’s sales manager, showed the audience some real-life examples on how transaction data can be used to receive important information on competition, market shares, and current buying behaviors. More importantly, it was demonstrated how this information can then be used to improve marketing strategies and drive customer retention through Wrapp’s reward-platform.


What is more, this was also an excellent occasion for the marketers in the room to ask specific questions on Wrapp’s products and to talk about current challenges they are facing.

All in all, it was a highly illustrative session that saw many interesting questions answered. Wrapp’s team looks forward to the next breakfast event, making sure that it will be even more instructive and engaging.

The next breakfast event will be held at Wrapp’s office on Mäster Samuelsgatan 42 in Stockholm, at 8:30 am on the 15th of March. During this specific event, the buying trends related to the Easter season based on Wrapp’s data will be shown to the present audience. The breakfast event after that will be held on the 10th of April, always at Wrapp’s office.

If you are interested in joining one of these events, please block your calendar and send us an email to let us know your attendance: therese.lundquist@wrapp.com

We look forward to showing you the power of #TDM and Wrapp’s Analytics!



About Meniga Rewards

Wrapp is The New Standard of transaction-driven marketing (TDM). Ending an era of spam and our dated loyalty cards. Users’ connect their payment cards and in return, Wrapp gives cash-backs meaning real money. Brands can now reach the target audience who is buying at them or the ones they would like to be buying at them. And by sticking to cashbacks, our customers receive rewards they actually find useful meaning money. Simply put, we put purchasing power in the hands of consumers, and meaningful marketing in the hands of brands.