2019-04-29 11:11Press releases

Wrapp and Danske Bank pause their collaboration

Wrapp and their partner, den Danske Bank, will take a pause from their collaboration. From Wrapp's perspective this is of course disappointing, mostly because Danske Bank's clients will no longer be able to use the reward-offers through the Wrapp app. 

Wrapp's current focus will be the launch of new exciting products and to fully integrate with Meniga fulfilling the merger. Already this spring the first jointly produced product is set to be released by the newly formed teams. Data analysis leads to fruitful insights which in turn lead to strategy optimization and achieving a better ROI. Transaction data is the fuel in the products offered by the power-house of Meniga and Wrapp which include, (but not limited to)  Performance Marketing,  Digital Banking solutions, Analytics and a Consumption index. 

"We embrace the future with humble optimism and we look forward to releasing new products together with the Meniga team. We of course hope to be able to welcome den Danske Bank back to our platform again", says Aage Reerslev, founder of Wrapp. 


About Meniga Rewards

Wrapp is The New Standard of transaction-driven marketing (#TDM). Users’ connect their payment cards and in return, Wrapp gives cash-backs meaning real money. Simply put, we put purchasing power in the hands of consumers, and meaningful marketing in the hands of brands. As an outcome there will be true loyalty and increased frequence. In December 2018 Wrapp was aqquired by Meniga, https://www.meniga.com, and the merger process is ongoing. The ambition is clear, to create a powerhouse in Fintech who stands on multipule business legs where Rewards Marketing and Real-time transaction data will be the key ingredients in the Performance Marketing offer.


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